About the Author

Cristina SmithCristina Smith, author of The Tao of Sudoku, is an internationally renowned author, public speaker, event creator and community builder. Her fun and heartfelt writings encourage deep thought, reflection, and revelation by viewing ordinary life as an extraordinary experience. Her published books include  27 Flavors of Fulfillment and The Tao of Sudoku.

Author, speaker, and guide for those seeking powerful personal evolution, Cristina Smith is a heart centered facilitator. She helps people co-create extraordinary experiences, and advocates diving deep within to maximize spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness. She is a champion of quiet time and life balance.

As a writer, Cristina is thought-provoking, perspective-shifting, and soul-stirring. She was first published at age 17. Over the years, she has worked as a marketing copywriter, ghostwriter, and editor. Cristina’s writings have appeared in a variety of periodicals and books. She was a featured columnist in the online magazines Women’s Voices and Om Times, has authored several e-books, and contributed to and edited the book 27 Flavors of Fulfillment. Her latest book is The Tao of Sudoku.

A dynamically informative and inspirational speaker, Cristina offers presentations and workshops on topics such as Personal Energy Management, Integrative Goal Setting, and Balancing Your Public and Private Lives. She also speaks on woo woo healing and subtle energy topics like The Subtle Energy of Food, Healing through Cooperation, and Love, Intimacy and Soulmates. A veteran of hundreds of in person engagements around the country, she is a sought after hostlunar, guest and presenter for programs and events. Online, she has hosted and contributed to many radio shows, tele-summits and video interviews.

Cristina serves as founding president of the San Diego Holistic Chamber of Commerce, and was voted Favorite Medical Intuitive on About.com in 2013. She has been a practitioner and teacher of Bio-Vibrational Healing since 1990. As Founder and Chief Energy Officer of the Subtle Energy Center, she loves facilitating the subtle energy scientific, spiritual and healing communities both locally and globally through her annual Subtle Energy Retreats. She has served on numerous local, regional and state Boards of Directors including the League of Women Voters, Mid-City Community Clinic, and El Capitan Fire Safe Council.

Cristina is dedicated to exploring and experiencing the mystical inner depths and outward magical abundance of a spiritually-driven life in harmony with nature. She lives in two lovely places, spending time in the wonderful communities of both San Diego and Nevada City, CA. Beyond all of her other work, Cristina is best known and loved as a community builder. She creates holistic family wherever she goes.